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The Local Area It's nice to relax...

…or do you prefer to be active during your holidays? It’s both possbile! There is so much to do in the state Utrecht!

From a centuries-old city full of surprises to the green cycling routes along the Vecht, along the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, not to mention the Maarseveense Plassen… you will certainly not be bored.

The Oeverland Route (Cycling route LF7)

Cycling along water is one of the nicest ways to enjoy the flat countryside of the Netherlands. Especially because the clouds are so beautifully reflected in the water, the wide view from the dikes or because the landscape can always be seen from a different angle along the winding river streams.

This Bed and Breakfast happens to be located exactly on the Rural Cycle Route 7, the Oeverland Route. This beautiful bicycle route runs along the Vecht… So you can relax at Houseboat Harmony about halfway through your tour!

More information: (Dutch)
More information: (Dutch)

Fort aan de Klop

Fort aan de Klop (to be found slightly downstream) is part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, a military defence line from the nineteenth century. Function: Protecting the Vechtkade and locks, flanking Fort de Klopdijk.

It is a fortress in which the enthusiastic historian can wander around for hours. The bombproof guardhouse from 1851 is now a cozy café and restaurant. In summer you can sit outside on the terrace, in winter you are warmly tucked away in the cozy niches of the old guardhouse.

The brasserie is open six days a week in summer. From the end of September: only Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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De Waterlinieroute

A route along forts and staging posts… the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie is in fact an old military landscape.

In 1816 the construction of forts of the new water line was started and finally stopped in spring 1940 with the outbreak of the 2nd World War. The defensive capacities were mainly based on inundation, flooding of areas and the defence of accesses, high parts of the inundation, by forts.

Adjacent to the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie are many beautiful rural towns with a wealth of buildings and country houses. The river Vecht is famous for this, so these places are well worth a visit.

Routes and maps are available on: (Dutch)


The city of narrow alleys, special shops, cozy squares, many old canals and wharves and of course the city of the Cathedral “De Dom” !

Utrecht is a city full of surprises. The centuries-old canals and wharves in this city are unique. When the wharves were built they were meant to make the cellars of the houses accessible, nowadays it is pleasant to stay in one of the little restaurants. Many of these dockyards have been converted into cozy little restaurants with terraces on the waterfront.

When you take your pedal boat, rowing boat or canoe across the Utrechtse Grachten (canals) you can view the restaurants from the water. A very nice sight!

An important central point in Utrecht is the Dom. It is the highest church in the Netherlands and you can climb it. When you are on top of the tower you have a beautiful view over the city. Also the nightlife in Utrecht can be very enjoyable.

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Slot Zuylen

Museum Slot Zuylen in Oud-Zuilen is also located on the river Vecht, about 3 kilometres from the houseboat.

The medieval castle was converted into a country house in the 18th century. For more than 50 years Castle Zuylen has been open as a castle museum. Concerts, events and guided tours bring the past to life.

Please note: The castle can only be visited with a guide, it is recommended to book two days in advance.

More information: (Dutch)

Maarseveense Plassen

5 km away are the Maarsseveense Plassen, a unique area for recreation, (water) sports and outdoor activities. The area offers many recreational opportunities for young and old, all year round… it’s all possible in this beautiful area!

The area includes a freely accessible outdoor area and a designated area, the so-called Beach pool and a nudist beach.

Activities: Swimming, surfing, sailing, diving, fishing, rowing, canoeing, pedal boats, survival trips, rollerblading, jogging, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, you name it… it’s all possible in this beautiful landscape…

Kasteel de Haar

Castle De Haar (formerly Het Huys te Haer) is a monumental castle in the Utrecht village of Haarzuilens. It is the largest castle in the Netherlands. It was built from 1892 on the ruins of the old castle in neo-Gothic style.

De Haar consists of an extensive terrain in which, in addition to the main building, there are gardens and buildings such as a chapel. The adjacent village also has a strong relationship with the castle and the whole falls under protected village conservation.

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Kanoverhuur De Rijnstroom

Rental of many different canoes; Canadians, rowing boats, electric boats, steppes and water bicycles. Because of the convenient location, you can canoe through the city, or if you prefer the peace and quiet, then you choose nature with a beautiful cruise on the Kromme Rijn along the Amelisweerd estate.

For the hungry stomachs on the way, they also provide a picnic or lunch. Or choose to join a buffet or barbecue on your return. Ideal for teambuilding, family day, meetings, school outings, children’s parties and company outings.

With over thirty years of experience, they can make it an unforgettable day for you! 

Even our king chooses our canoe rental De Rijnstroom, so don’t hesitate any longer, and come sailing!

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  • Hiking area: directly on the Vechtdijk you will find the hiking area “De Vechtzoom”.
  • Ice skating: ‘‘De Vechtse Banen’’ is 2 kilometres away.
  • Breukelen, located on the European Hiking Route E11, also known locally as the “Marskramer’s Path”. The village lies on the river Vecht, with toll bridge and country estates.
  • Maarssen: You can enjoy a delicious meal in Restaurant de Nonnerie, located in an old mansion. The monumental building is located on the river Vecht.
  • Amsterdam: the capital of the Netherlands is about 30 kilometers away.